Buthan – one different world from yours

It is surprising, jet so fascinating that a country hidden under the Himalaya Mountains, with low population and accessibility only by two plains, is considered the happiest country in the world. The “Land of the Thunder Dragon” holds the last standing Buddhist Kingdom in the world, where if you have visited it ten years ago you would have thought you are back in 17th century. Internet and TV were banned, and globalization and all the negative effects that come with it did not have a way to enter this beautiful country.


It is Bhutan, the country in-between the Mount Everest and K2, with gorgeous landscapes and mountains, and a weather that everyone can enjoy. Now, 10 years after globalization things are perfectly balanced and the 17th century culture is still present.

The stable economy and the position of the country are keeping it away from civilization, and therefore making the population happy. No one is drinking their coffee while running to work, or having headaches because of the high bills, but instead the Bhutan people are focusing on monk prayers and spiritual healing.


The country has few more things to brag and is certainly growing the grass green. The free health care followed by free education implemented since 1980 has increased the overall income of the capital by up to 450 per cent. The “Switzerland of Asia” is rich with primate life, being proud owner of species like the golden langur and rare species like the Bengal tiger and Hispid hare. They can be found in the hardwood forest in the south in combination with one of the best looking plants in the world. The International Union for Conservation of Natura that is based in Switzerland voted Bhutan as the best example of how to grow and take care of plants, and now the citizens can proudly present the nature that they have kept clean and grew in the last 30 years.


The country’s nature and perfect balance of traditional culture with technology are the things that helped Bhutan to climb to the top of the happiness list, shining powerful as an example to the World how we should all live our lives. If you ever decide to visit this country be prepared to be stuck by positive energy and smiley faces overwhelmed by your presence.


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